Body Painting

Date: 6/27/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

So we went to this event who was in an abandoned factory. It seems to be kinda linked with yesterday's dream. We listened to a conference and then there would have been an event later on in the evening. We were sitting on plastic chairs, Matthew was sitting before me. We left with a couple of friends. I remember we were all dressed up in neon clothes and I was wearing a neon circlet that was loose on my head so we went to a chinese store which was slightly far from the conference place. In there I talked with the shop assistant and asked for paint to use on the skin and some brushes. I immediately found the exact kind of paint that I wanted but I started looking for a brush and that took a long time. In my head that chinese store was right in front of a park which really exists and resembled another one that is just a little bit further in real life but the inside was gigantic as every other shop in my head. When I found the brush we'd been talking a lot with the purple-haired girl and she invited us to join her going somewhere. I told that me and Matthew couldn't, Lucy said she couldn't go too, Sara went with her.