House robbery

Date: 5/24/2017

By andersoner1

So we had an old neighbor that never kept up with maintaining their house. They moved out and right now someone has been redoing their house and living in it temporarily. The guy gives me weird vibes and my family has been noticing that some of our stuff has been missing. (Ex. Rollerblades, a pair of wedges, etc.) In the dream, I was leaving my house with my sister and the guy working on the house emerged from the house with a friend, and starts lingering by our house. We go to the car and I tell my sister that we should just stay home instead. I got a really really bad feeling. But we continue to leave and I make it around the block where I live but my paranoia kicks in and I go back home. I find the two guys on my back steps holding a key tinny house trying to get into it. I walk around the house with my sister following behind me, and I say, "drop the key and leave." The two guys are quite larger than me and look at me like k couldn't do anything. One of them says, "and what do you think you could do?" I slowly back away and call 911, and the operator worked way too slow. I hang up and my sister and I sit in our car. That is when I woke up.