Date: 7/8/2017

By asdfghjkl2002

weeeeeeed. basically. i'm trying to not over do it w my explanations, so let's just touch on what happened. i was at my grandmas, sort of, and my mom told me i could pick out edibles and one joint. it was like a giant weed cabinet. i didn't know why my grandma had this cabinet, or why my mom was letting me choose things from it. but, i didn't really care at the moment--so i did as told. later in the dream, i also downloaded some like weed radar app, idk, it was weird. but it was like an illegal app, you know, basically just like a giant "i have weed" sign. at this point, i hadn't even smoked (or eaten) any weed, but it felt like just possessing the app on my phone was enough to get me in trouble. so, anyways, this guy jonah is driving me around. (i had met jonah in my acting class months before this dream. we had a thing, but i hadn't thought about it until months before.) i decide to tell him about the weed by showing him my phone (with the app opened). it sounds weird i know, but it made sense to me. right as i was about to, the lady serving us at the fast food restaurant window we were at tells jonah to like take my phone and starts giving him instructions--basically telling him to like report me for smoking weed, or something, you know? and as she's telling this to him, i just dead ass delete the app. she yells at me like wtf why would u delete that. i just shrug and tell her i don't know what's she's talking about--even though it was super obvious what i just done. anyways i like start crying or guilt trip her into not calling the police on me or something and i was free. next i'm at my aunts, sort of, with my weed--which is now in a lock n lock. now, it has lots of joints but also, lots of edibles. like weed peanut butter! in little mini to-go jars. i eat that. immediately i'm like high as fuck, or i think i am, and i pass out or something. i wake up outside my aunts. i know i'm like in huge trouble. it seems obvious to me that my aunt and everyone knew what i had done. i start to walk down the street to my mom's work bc i don't want to deal w my aunt. half way through i realize it's just gonna make it worse and i go back. the end. mainly i was just like stoked to have marijuana. i remember thinking in the dream "i thought i would always get into this w my friends, but i'm getting into it by myself--cool". exxtreeemly disappointed when i woke up that i didn't actually have mini weed peanut butters, but whatever.