i cant even name this dream

Date: 7/28/2019

By trippykathy

this is a continuation of one of my previous dreams. We arrive in our hotel/ airplane suit. Everybody is getting on and I’m waiting for my boyfriend in the front. He comes a few minutes later and we go to the seating area. Our plane later breaks down and we crashes because of a lightning strike. We both wake up in a car with my other friends and a new girl named Molly. She was from the U.K. and we were headed back to America. I sit next to Molly and she asks, “How are we going to get back to America if we don’t have a plane?” I tell her to watch because we have wings on the sides of the car. She doesn’t see them and seems confused. I look at her and look back outside. The wings on the car expand and she looks at them in awe as we lift off the ground leaving people around us speechless. We arrived at what seemed to look like an abandoned amusement park where my boyfriend and I were making a structure that were supposed to have skulls on a throne. I didn’t know how to make skulls out of clay so I asked for some help from my friend, Ivy. She came back later with the skull and it had two rubies in the place of eyes. My boyfriend and I thanked her for it and she told me she would make more. We assembled the skull where we thought it would look best. A man layer came with the intention of stealing and selling from us. We caught him trying to steal the skull and everybody around us have been notified about it. They later captured him and he was put in jail. Then i knocked out. I “woke up” in this competition thing where a bunch of people had to race to get a job. Thats where i saw one of my crushes from a few years ago. We talked and caught up on things we missed out on and he asked me for my number and we left off there.