Cabins, photo frames and games

Date: 9/25/2019

By Rosey_dreamer

I had a dream I was outside this cabin with 3 other people I didn’t know and then I went inside and there was a room with a table. The table had a little skinny vase with flowers on it and there where 4 small plates and it was really fancy. It was like a competition between the 4 of us. I just knew it. The other 3 people where in different rooms though. So I had to decorate it and whoever had the best won. I wanted to decorate it with pictures of dead celebrity or characters like Cameron Boyce and SPOILER Iron man. I went to the supermarket to get some stuff and I wanted to get a photo frame. All the photo frames where blue and my Mum was with me and every photo frame I like she said NoOoOo. Then finally we found this small simple blue photo frame and we got it. Then I teleported into another scene. I was in a game field and we where playing a game. The aim of the game was to put the blanket in the goal. Everyone was trying to get the blanket then I caught it and through it in the goal. This guy from my school was there to cheering me on. And yeah I won the game.