Parachuting dwarfs 20.7.17

Date: 7/28/2017

By MeddlingGoat

We were in a little town somewhere. I needed to take some money out, so I was looking for an Atm. I walked inside a little shop and spotted one in the corner, but it wasn't my bank so I knew I was going to get charged to use it. Afterwards i walked inside a barber shop and spotted a familiar balding head in the mirror, it was Rob C. He was in a chair getting a haircut, I invited him to our house, which in the dream was the Ormond rd house. Next thing I know we're at the house, in the backyard. It was night time. Fleur, Dustin, Chedo and someone else were also there. We put a sheet of foil on the table. Then we got a cylinder shaped container that had some sort of flammable rocks. Think of sparklers broken off the wire, but the pieces were bigger and harder. We poured those rocks onto the foil and put in in the fire. A short time later the sparklers caught alight and everytime they popped they made this deep sound (wupwupwup). Then we saw something parachuting down. There were a lot of them, maybe 30-40. Very strange looking things. Imagine the little scary dwarf looking creatures from Harry Potter, the ones who worked in the vault. Long noses, sharp teeth and scary blue piercing eyes. They were sitting on what looked like half bench and half wheelchair and attached to a parachute. As they came down, at first we thought they were fake but when one went past my head I saw it turn around and look at me, it's light blue eyes were following me. It was scarry as fuck. All of a sudden baboons jumped out of somewhere. Su and I grabbed a baseball bat, ready to wack these things if we had to. Next thing I know we're feeding them dry dog food and throwing the food over the neighbor's fence trying to make them go to their side.