Date: 7/1/2019

By DreamDawg

Last day of school again but it was like the last day before winter break. Everyone was changing into really fancy clothes and I felt bad cause I forgot to bring something. So I was running around with Ava trying to find something except the school was like this old YMCA I used to go to. So we were in the changing rooms cause I was going to try and convince some girls to trade their nice clothes for my wrinkly school uniform. Then I passed a mirror and saw I was wearing a nice red pullover and khaki pants that looked real nice. I realized I never really looked down at what I was wearing and it turns out I was wearing something really nice (by my standards) the whole time! Then we went into this open area and Mr Van Goor was playing three history movies simultaneously and even though Ava and I weren’t allowed to watch for some reason mr vg let us watch this one about a plane crash.