Upper earth

Date: 6/24/2019

By tjhj

I dreamt that i was driving a car and trying to get away from the police. I had a truck and tried use its off road capability to get away from them. Eventually i lost them but my truck broke down. I decided to continue climbing the mountain. Somehow my mom started climbimg with me and we reached the top but there was a fence. I tried to take a picture of me and the greenery when this man in a robe appeared. He was kind and tried to help us with the picture. His family showed up next and they were obviously from the mountain top amd had never been down. They invited us to follow them so we did. It was less of a mountain and more of a whole new level of earth. Things weren't exactly ypdated but they seemed maybe a decade behind. The daughter&mom assured me that there were plenty of things to do and that it was like a city. I really felt like I belonged there