My worst nightmare came true..with a twist.

Date: 3/14/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I got kidnaped by someone I don't know, they covered my eyes and I see where they are taken me but I hear a lot of sounds and see lights through the piece of cloth they over my eyes. Than we are finally there they pick me up and carry me somewhere. The guy put me down on a bed well it feels like one. I feel one of them touch my back and lower my head on to a pillow than I feel my pants getting taken off than they take off my shirt and my bra and put a new one one for me and new pair of underwear too it's thong but it's really does not cover what it needs to cover than I hear " god she is sexy the master is lucky to fuck her, do you think he will get bored of her and let one of us have her?" He asks some guy " no he won't get bored of her look that body,her boobs and her ass, which he smacks and I jump. My hands are tied up and I being forced to walk to where I can't see where am going than finally They put me on my knees and I feel cold hard floor. The man takes off my cloth that covered my eyes than I look around the room and I see a man sitting in a chair but it looked a Thorne "well hello there beautiful" I don't say anything I just keep my mouth shut I know why am here so am saying nothing "bring to my room I will get her to talk " he smiles and winks at me. Than I think " oh shit" than I get picked up and I get put in a big beautiful room with a windows to see outside to the world a huge king size bed in the center of it. Than they place me on the bed and leave me there shut the door. Than I see an other door open and he walks around the room and follow him with my eyes. " you don't talk much do you?" He asked " I do too but I know why am here you need a sex slave why else would I be dressed like this than taken to your bedroom?" I say " oh we got a smart one here, but your going to be more than my sex slave am going to marry you and your going to be a wife but we need to fuck first" he says than he seats beside me " I know you don't know me and you will but for now let me pleasure you?" I stay quiet he sighs than he pushes me on the bed and starts to kiss my neck and I try not to make a sound than he kisses the base of my neck and I moan "oh I gotcha now " he smiles I finally get to see what looked like he had blond hair kinda shaggy messy hair with blue ish green eyes and his lips like soft than he explores my body and I moan louder than I he press his body on me I moan " god your heat is such a turn on than he pulls down my thong and touchs me and I try to close my legs but he keeps them open and he eats me out than I feel something different this time I look up and he dick is out and it's hard "are you ready?" I stay quite and he slowly enters me and I move my body than he calms me down " hey hey calm down we are going to take it slow" okay he enter slowly than once he is fully in he pulls out and slams it in me and I moan slash scream than in a moment my bra is of and he kissing me playing with my boobs and I lose control I pull him towards me and I felt him go in me more than we kisses " okay I will marry you but some things have to change okay?" He nods and fucks me again than for the rest of the night in bliss I know it started off as nightmare but it changed it got better