Date: 6/29/2019

By morgan916

This guy name Sean it’s like a complicated feelings type thing. Anyways I was first laying on the ground him beside him and my mom next to me, it was weird but I went along with it. So, I did get up a few times. One time me and him did, it was this lady which I don’t remember who or why. He walked out and I did something or said something. I knew I was dreaming after I came back and made something up what she said. I said that she said “ You two be careful now together “. I guess I was trying to say that she thought me and him where dating. After we were laying on the ground again I had a cover and my hands laying on my side & my mom talking on the phone. I suddenly feel a hand hold my hand slightly and realize it was Sean. Ofc I was freaking out in my head. The next thing I know is he’s under the cover and hugging my waist with his head on his my stomach. My mom was still on the phone talking about my cousin or something. I physically felt like he was laying on me when I was in this dream. One of the best feelings. But soon after that my mom was talking about money and then I woke up.