Oddly Dramatic

Date: 5/9/2017

By Galipsy

This dream felt like a soap opera. It began with me, though as usual it didn't feel like me but still familiar, arguing with a man in a bathroom. It confused me as to why we were in a bathroom until I realized he was hurt somehow, though he never showed me. I can't explain how I knew everything about this man, but I knew that he had previously worked for an old man and taken care of him for 4-5 years before the man passed away. This man in my bathroom was hired by my late husband to "protect" me. From what, I don't know, but he had protected me because he was hurt and we were arguing about it. There were a few time skips. At one point we were in a large room that should have been a kitchen and the man told me he wasn't going to stay with me forever. I yelled at him and told him he couldn't leave yet because I still had a lot to learn. What I was learning, I'm not sure. But I do know that he was trying to be blunt to hurt me and it made me mad. Another time skip and we were sharing a bed in a hotel room, it was nice and clearly very expensive. We were there spying on a group of people staying at the hotel under the guise that we were a couple. It basically felt like a James Bond movie, but this sequence began and ended with me crying in bed. At the end, the man rolled over and wrapped his arm around me to try and comfort me. I was still crying when I told him not to leave me, he wouldn't let me hold his hand. Another time skip and I was watching True Blood of all things in an old living room I used to live in. The man was in a bedroom and I knew he was mad. I got up and walked to him and we talked. He told me he was only here because I was a widow to a rich man and that he was getting paid too much money to leave. He was making a bed that I knew we were both going to sleep in and I knew that we had been having this argument a lot. I told him that I had only been married for three months before my husband died and told him his nickname that people used to call him. He said he knew of him by his nickname and was even more mad now because he was a "bad man". He then asked me who hurt me the most, my late husband or him. I told him that he did and then said I was going to sleep on the couch. He didn't say anything else and I walked away back to the living room and sat on the couch. At this point I woke up.