fighting and death

Date: 3/10/2017

By BranchMan

Two dudes want to fight. They show up to my house walking side by side up my street like they mean business. I guess I didn't come to the door or something because I remember them then walking side by side back down the street as I ran outside and yelled at them. I don't know remember much of what happens from then until the point of me somehow killing one of the guys. I then leave him in my front bushes and I begin talking to all my friends about what the hell we are going to do about a dead body. The two people who wanted to fight me were Ian and Nathan. Ian was the one who I had originally killed after I asked him what is it that I could have possibly done to him to deserve this. Everybody watching then said that I fucked up because apparently I had done something to seriously negatively affect Ian who then got pissed and came at me but somehow I killed him. I remember it being just physical but it turned into me having killed him with a gun. In the end as we are dealing with police and professional criminals taking away the body, the body has crawled away. When they are crawling away its Nathan that's nearly dead, not ian. Then I woke up. Earlier in the dream I was at a bar or club with Brett and Brandon and Brett had nearly gotten into a fight with bar tender before the scenery changed to my fight.