Mini Mouse Alien

Date: 8/4/2017

By naomioau

I once had a dream that aliens took over my city (Melbourne) and they filled all the trains with breathable water. They wanted to make an example of their power so they telepathically crucified a guy at one of the train stations. I got on a train and took it to Flinders Street station (main train hub of the city.) The entire ground underneath had disappeared and was replaced with an ocean, you had to make a small jump from the train to the platform. It was all run by one of those giant Mini Mouse costumes, but instead of someone wearing a suit she was fully organic and alive. She was slowly buying out corporations and becoming a dictator, she recently bought Facebook and archived every single meme posted in a giant filing archive. She was absolutely batshit insane and everyone knew, at the time she was arguing with one of her lovers and they yelled "Fine! Just fuck off you're crazy anyway!" She immediately broke down in hysterics and begged this guy to stay with her, crying and screaming "No no! Please don't the sex is too good!" I was going up an escalator while this was happening and everyone had to look down and pretend it wasn't happening so they wouldn't be punished. Super weird and vivid.