Start of a good book?

Date: 3/9/2017

By broadwayylmao

I had a dream where I was at a festival for watching plays, and this was the start of one. Three girls came out in front of a huge envelope taped to the wall and introduced it, and when they unfolded it a TV screen was on the wall. It started playing a little movie of some paint being mixed up. Someone was painting over a woman's face in a picture of three people. It was like a credit sequence. And then she was painting over the same face, but it was her in a wedding dress crying. Then it opened the movie. It started with this blonde woman drinking and playing solitaire with the TV on in the background. They were in a trailer. It panned over to a young girl sitting in front of the TV. She had a bruise on her face, and I assumed it was from the mom. Then a man walked in who I assumed was the dad. It was late in terms of him coming back. He looked at the young girl sadly, then at his wife, and then went to bed. It skipped to them in a car, the Mom still drinking, the dad driving and the girl between them. The bruise is gone and the Mom has her arm around the little girl. The little girl asks, "Why do we have to move, Mama?" And the mom tells her that she lost her job and that, "There's a 5% chance of me gettin' a job in Las Vegas, but there's a 19% chance of me winnin' big at the slots." The girl says she doesn't think this is a good idea, and the dad is still silent and the Mom doesn't answer but drinks. It fast forwarded I don't know how quick, but they lived in a trailer park and there was a bar on the outside. That's where the dad worked. A couple walked in that I knew was gonna be important, but my alarm woke me up.