No headphones no bus ride. And reincarnation.

Date: 8/24/2019

By Sidd006

EP Joy and I are in a place, maybe a place they work like a hospital but not sure. I want to catch a bus somewhere like Nha Trang but I don’t feel like that’s the actual place. My wrist is injured for some reason, like a sprain. I’m waiting for the bus but so are many other ppl. Many kids. When the time is right to board I notice that the bus will be too crowded and I don’t have my noise canceling headphones. They should be in the office just next to where the bus is at. I decide the trip will suck without the headphones and all the kids so I run up to the office to see if I can find them. They aren’t there due to a recent trip we all took that I can clearly remember in the dream but not now. The first bus is full and I look at where the overflow ppl are going, it’s a foreign country for sure. Feels like China, I notice what seem like ambulances that are taking the remainder of the ppl. I decide the trip isn’t worth it and go back to the hospital? Entrance. The woman buzzed me through and I approach Joy and Eric’s table and explain why I didn’t go. Joy inquires about my wrist. But I assure her it’s doing ok. 1st dream. I’m 7 years old and I’m in the care of a friend. Feels like Dan. But could be others at the same time. It is strange bc I can remember my past life as me, although I’m also me in this present time. Just young. I try to act mature now and use big words and discuss complex things while telling ppl that I remember. I even apologize to Dan for being juvenile and emotional earlier and assure him that I’m more of an adult now as I can remember important grown up things. Robert Monroe’s books are in the dream. Either I remember them perfectly or I’ve reread them as a seven year old, I’m not sure, but I feel like this information is still important (obviously). I think I try to remember what happened in my first life as me that I needed to be here as me now in a new and young form.