47. 1.terror😢. 2.funny purvy shit😍

Date: 4/5/2017

By Raul

1. I woke up to loud music at a festival and went to buy a coffee. at the bar a gipsy stole my money, punched me and told me that I was going to be sold in human trafiking ( i woke up in a cold sweat). 2. I was working, not at my normal work place, but at my boss home. he started to yell at me about how my clients are disapointed and that I am not working fast enough. I ran off got verry drunk and fucked some hookers. I fallen in love with one of the hookers but she told me she is actualy hundreds of years old and she is dying because she came from another dimension just to have sex because in theyr dimension they can't do it for some reason. She thanked me for having a good time and left. My grandpa found me on the flor of a hotel pissed drunk with vomit all over me and shit in my underwear. He bought me some dipers and forced me to wear them, then he took me back to my boss home.