Costa Rica w/ Jillian, Other Random Scenes

Date: 7/13/2017

By kkthedreamer

My cousin was there again and for some reason we ran off to Costa Rica. We were walking on this bridge at night and we saw a very brightly colored blue and yellow snake. It was very long but my cousin jumped right over it. She told me its bite was very venomous, and it came slithering towards me with its fangs bared. I managed to jump over it, though. Then we saw lots of other creatures that don't even live in the jungle, like grizzly bears and a herd of wolves. Then we ran to this little bungalow made out of bamboo and my dad was in it. The next scene was that my cousin and I met my family at the zoo I think? Somewhere like that. My mom asked us where we were and we told her all about Costa Rica. Then we saw this singer, AJR, walking with his other friends down the sidewalk. We all yelled out hello and he waved back. The next scene was that I was pregnant at 13. It was weird. The last scene was of a group of people that I don't even know IRL camping. All of these dreams were hard to remember, but I'll add on as I remember.