Secret agent

Date: 4/26/2017

By Alechku

I'm in front of a huge building, I'm there to find out what is the cooperation is up to and hold them accountable if their guilty. I start my way in persuading a guard , smooth talk to another, finally I'm in; The back yard is gigantic, it has lots of grass and a long white brick road. I'm right outside of the back entrance to the building all of sudden a fat black man came out of the building, he grabs my hands gently "you know blindness is the greatest disguise, to make people think that you are not there" he says as he slowly opens his eyes reviling his true self , "come, I'll let you in" and I follow. He opens the sliding door inside, "wow" I think to myself as I look and the room, a great carpet on the floor a couple of beautiful African masks hanging on the wall the room's designed to make you feel open and easy, but I'm aware of it and as I step on the carpet I see a small snake and I tell him"bob you got a snake crawling here" he looks at me with a smile "it's ok don't worry about it" as he grabs the snake,kills it with his grip and throws it outside. I'm confused by this sight and I start to notice that there's another dead pregnant snake on the ground and I look at bob, he smiles and makes a hand gesture for me to follow "this an interesting, is this real?". I find myself in a video clip with prince and Beyoncé singing "carzy" by queen.