Smashing Beer

Date: 7/2/2019

By jakemclare

So it starts off with me biking through this crazy forest, I’m going downhill super fast and I come to this clearing where there’s a massive river that goes 100s of feet down too. I am confused to how I got here so I turn around and leave and when I exit the woods I’m at my old high school, which I still attend in this dream. I go inside and sit at my usual waiting spot with my friends in the morning. Then this kid I absolutely despise comes to the door and knocks to be let in. He has a 12 case of beer (glass bottles) in his hand. (Apparently in this dream its legal to take beer to school if it’s unopened). I open the door for him and pretend to be cool with him, even though we both hate each other because I beat him up irl. I said let me help you with that in reference to the beer and he hands it to me. I raise it over my head and smash it on the ground and stomp on every single one. He’s visibly upset but doesn’t do anything. Then my girlfriend who has broken up with me previously in the dream comes up to me and said she broke up with her replacement and wants to get back together. I say sure but then proceed to break up with her again because she moved on so quickly. Then the dream ends with me just hitting a dab pen and juul.