Erin on the bus

Date: 6/19/2017

By vhpina

I was taking a school trip and I had been making eyes with this girl named Erin. She was wanting to spend more time with me after the first stop of the trip so she asked me to sit next to her on th and bus. As I was filing into the bus I got to her seat and in a moment of panic and anxiety I skipped her seat and went a couple seats back to the back where I thought she was going to sit cuz I thought she was cool. I then ended up sitting by a bunch of fools that I had no interest in one who was a teacher and then when I turned back to my seat there was all of a sudden another girl with purple hair sitting next to me who wasn't there when I sat down. After a couple of moments I made up my mind to go back up front and sit with Erin. I got this really big smile on my face and explained to her exactly what happened. We just sat close touching and holding hands until we then ended up at this convention center where I was split into a different group from hers although she had given me her number and I was trying to text her but couldn't because when my fingers pressed the keys the phone wouldn't function which made me anxious. word had gotten around that I was looking around for her and I kept seeing glimpses of her just the back of her I never saw her face again but everyone of my friends around me was helping me look for her. I woke up to go to the bathroom and got back into the dream although I was never able to find her again.