Cooking steak

Date: 6/28/2017

By TwentieToo

I've had this dream before, a different version though. Me and my sisters, for some reason at the beginning I'm a guy, but we go out to this abandoned house in the middle of the desert. Its disgusting. Our parents, my mom is the same, my dad is different. My dad, uh I guess is a more intense version of what he already is. In the dream he's super drunk and on the verge of becoming violent, he's really angry at every little thing. My parents make us clean the house. Its the middle of the night so its dark. The house is abandoned and theres no electricity. And it would take a swat team to clean this house. Its seriously gross. I go and clean the living room. My little sister goes and cleans in the back of the house. My other little sister Molly cleans, and cooks, in the kitchen. She's supposed to cook something for the family. Steak. Just steak nothing else. In the living room, I find a book and get my nose stuck in it. Molly makes me cook my own steak, so after my dad is done yelling at me for reading the book instead of cleaning, I go and cook it. The kitchen is still barely clean. You can barely move around and you can almost see the stink fumes. I grab a dirty pan and put it on the oven. I see my raw steak sitting in a dirty pan off to the side. I grab it with my bare hands, and cook it. I didn't get to cook it all the way, because my parents tell me its time to go. So I try and take little nibbles on whats cooked, which is mostly a thin layer on the outside.