Gonna be the best flight captain! Also strange vehicles...

Date: 7/31/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm sitting in the front row of a church service. It hasn't quite started yet, and my dad is setting up sound stuff on stage. I see a USB charging cord, except it's super long, so I pull the end over to my seat so that I can charge my phone. It's all fine and dandy until part way through singing, this lady starts searching around on stage for something. Of course she winds up wanting my cord, and is really mean to me about having used it. I try to tell her that it's not like she owns the thing, but she's just a royal snot. Begrudgingly I give it to her, more so to get her to leave me alone than anything else, then storm off to the bathroom. I don't actually have to go, but I want to get away from her. Once in the bathroom, I head for the first stall I get to. It's a larger stall, and the walls are wood and painted yellow--and for some reason makes me think of an elementary school bathroom. I sit down and all yadda yadda, and then halfway through, someone barges in the door. Not the door I'd come in through and locked, no, the other door. On the opposite side of the stall. Because apparently those kind of hellish bathroom stalls are a thing. I feel dumb for not locking them both when I'd come in, but the person apologizes and shuts the door. I finish up, wash my hands etc, then start heading down the dimly lit hallway of what is now an elementary school. Along the way I see these posters put up on windows and doors and such. They're all talking about how my university is going to be putting on the premiere performance of The 100--the musical. (HAHA that would be a hilarious and utterly terrible play...) I remember being really excited about it and wondering if I'd get to meet the actors from the tv version since I work with the theatre at my university. The end of the hallway is really bright, just the sunlight from outside. I head towards it and exit out onto a large playing field, like a playground. Somewhere around this time I figure out that I can fly, and then there is this girl following me around with a clipboard and a whistle, saying that they want me to be their flight captain. I'm not all that interested, I'd rather just fly on my own. But she is persistent and tells me I need to pass these different tests so that I can be the flight captain. There were things where I had to go a certain distance in X amount of time, and go X speed across the field etc. I pass everything with flying colors. *ba-dum-tss* She tells me there's one last test I have to complete. I have to climb to 1000 feet within a minute. At this point I literally do not care about her one bit, because she's really just annoying, but I figure it sounds like an interesting idea. I'm curious to know if I can do it, just for the heck of it. I start flying upwards, I flap my arms and legs in bursts to give me more upward power (think of the way Jar Jar Binks swims, that's basically it just in the air). I'm climbing steadily, and right on track to beat the one minute timeframe. I, getting a little bit lightheaded from the lessened oxygen, and it's beginning to get colder. The clipboard chick is really impressed but I don't really care. Once I hit the 1000 feet, she tells me to head back down, but that I should descend slowly so I don't pass out. I say to heck with her, and fly off on my own path, away from the school. I just soar over the land for a while, enjoying the peacefulness. I go lower, so that it's not so cold. A friend from elementary/middle school flies up beside me and we chat for a bit. There's a house in the middle of a farm up ahead, and I know that it's her family's house. She says she needs to drop something off, so we descend as we head for it. She drops off a roll of paper towels outside the house, but essentially just throws it in a bush. I ask her if she meant to, she says yes. We're about to leave again, but then I guess she changed her mind or something and we ended up going inside. I don't remember what exactly we did in there, but I know I met her mom--not her mom irl--who was one of those stereotypical rich white moms and was making a pb&j sandwich for her cat which she called her son. Eventually we get out of there, and I start flying off, following the highway. I see my dad driving below me, except he's driving a boat and he keeps yelling at it in frustration because it won't drive very well. I fly on ahead, and find my brother. He's driving this really strange vehicle, that's not exactly a vehicle, but more like our garage, on wheels...I can't make this stuff up you guys!😂😂 There are shelves of all our camping stuff, and boxes and lamps and just...everything. And it's all bumbling down the road. My brother is getting frustrated because stacks of boxes and whatnot keep falling over. I see a sleeping bag starting to slip out, which will make everything else fall too (it's packed in like Tetris okay) so I run to grab it. Don't remember anything after that!