The Life of a Test Administrator For Celebrities

Date: 4/29/2019

By leathecage

My job was something called "Test Administrator For Celebrities", which meant that I celebrities that couldn't get normal educations would come to me to take tests as instructed by their tutors. I wasn't in charge of teaching them, luckily, just checking their answers. Sometimes I would read them these prompts and give them questions about them as well, grading them on what they said. The celebrity I was working with was Joe Keery, AKA Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. I don't remember what I was testing him on but he kept talking about how he was celibate, but he also began flirted with me, and I blushed. But then the work day was over, and luckily I worked from inside my house. So I opened my laptop and started playing a video game with my friends. It was like this open world, but the world was Hell, or something like it. All the buildings in it were dilapidated and made out of this eerie red brick. There was this tower and, at the top of it, resided this giant demon creature. They were humanoid in the body, but had giant horns and bat-like wings, colored all black with glowing red eyes— basically a typical demon look. He was one of the bosses of the game, and I wanted to fight him, but my two friends weren't interested.