Drowning in Mountain Dew on Purpose

Date: 5/16/2017

By seascarlet

I had been admitted into a psychiatric hospital for some sort of issues, I'm not sure what. I had made friends with a histrionic drag queen and some other caricatures of people, but it wasn't going very well. The real world had been difficult enough, what with me having my own problems, but the drama among my friends here was nonsensical and unbearable at times, even though I appreciated their friendship. At some point after trying unsuccessfully to convince one of my friends that chewing gum wasn't stuck in her throat, I decided I was going to try to kill myself by drowning in Mountain Dew. I started getting it with snacks and saving it up so there'd be enough to drown in. The result was more of a cry for help carried out dramatically in the hallway in front of my friends. There was something comical about the whole thing. It may have even become a musical at some point.