Flight and Target

Date: 6/27/2019

By DreamDawg

I was on this flight with my dad and he surprised me by showing me that my cousin Anna and her mom were on the plane. So we caught up and talked until the end of the flight. They mentioned they had tickets to this show that my school was putting on but I was confused because it was spring and I knew the show wouldn’t come until that fall or something. But they kept saying that they were super excited to see it. Then we had to make sure everything was off the plane and I ended up dropping their two tickets behind this washer and dryer on the plane. I felt bad but told them I would send them a photo of my ticket and that should be sufficient. They left but my dad started chatting up this dude he apparently knew at the front of the plane. They were talking about how they should take me down to this place that was just east of Milwaukee (Wisconsin). In my dream there were maps inside the planes and they showed that Wisconsin was directly beneath California, where my dad lived, and across the country from Georgia. So I told my dad and this dude that it would be crazy to do it while in Georgia since Wisconsin was right below California. My dad and I then left the plane and the dude and made our way to this music festival/Summerland type fairground. I think we were buying things because it was also kinda like an outdoors target. The dude working at the help desk we stopped at told me that he had an opening for a job and saw that I had applied but I saw the dates he needed me and I was about to tell him no and that I would be glad to volunteer some days since I couldn’t work full time, but my dad barged in and said he was only here until the 18th but my watch told me it was the 33rd and I became real confused so we left the help desk. My dad also left and the outside target became more of an inside target and I began to shop for deals and stuff. My friends were working at this help desk/check out area and I was going to surprise them but then they left the help desk to go work around the store so I hung out and waiting for them to come back. In the meantime I had found these fluffy headphones that had a mic and decided I would buy them if they were cheap enough, except I couldn’t find any of the price scanners. My friend Hilmy come back in a target uniform and saw what I needed. We then saw there was a price checker except that it was in the corner of a ceiling in this little area behind the help desk/checkout center. So I would have to jump to scan the tag and see the price. I kept trying to do it but wasn’t tall enough until I found out if I squatted I could actually stay in the air right in front of the scanner for a few seconds. Bryce, who is very tall, and Chris, who is also tall but doesn’t jump, also showed up and watched me jump. Bryce could just reach the scanner by putting his super long arm up and jumping a tiny bit. After I deemed the headphone too much for what they were worth (they were like 12$ I think), we all went back to the front of the help desk which had been previously totally empty and devoid of people and now held a whole line of folks waiting to check out. So I got back in line while the other three got to work. Then they immediately left the help desk and started reorganizing a bunch of loose carts people had left in the lines. Then someone else started pushing all the carts simultaneously in multiple giant lines and I had been pushing a cart alongside Hilmy when we were swept up and riding in carts in the cart line. I think I turned to him to say something like “I can’t believe this is happening” when I woke up.