Cosplay Dance Team,, Stolen Acorn Speaker, 8 star restaurant

Date: 3/9/2017

By seascarlet

1: My sister took me to a show where people danced in teams as different characters they cosplayed. I noticed they were all very fit and looked right as their characters. My favorite costume was a catwoman costume with a black chain for a tail. The dance instructor approached me and handed me a catwoman costume. I tried it on and it fit perfectly which was weird because I'm very petite and normally things have to be altered. I agreed to join, and the training was hard. She joked about my stomach and said I needed to lose weight. I'm already thin and felt like she was trying to make me anorexic. I wondered what the other girls were having to go through. 2: A rich friend came into town and I went to visit her. She was bragging and it was annoying. She asked about my career and I didn't want to talk about it so I just told her I was dancing with a team as catwoman. She called me a straight ball, which I vaguely knew meant she was saying I'm using my looks to get by like a prostitute. I let it go though because I think in her warped mind she meant it as a compliment. Hanging out with her was nice otherwise, and more like when we were kids. She told me a story about some young druggy stealing a really expensive bluetooth speaker of hers that was made to look like an acorn for some reason. "So a nut stole your nut" I said. "That's funny." She said she found it at a pawn shop and had to buy it back and it was like $800, but they found the guy and she'd be seeing him in court. Then she invited me out to Food City with her and her family. I took a shower at her house and changed and for some reason several of my old clothes I've been missing for 10 years were there. I settled on an Apoptygma Berserk shirt I wore in our first year of college that was tight and three-quarter sleeved. I didn't have a bra so my tits showed through it. I felt a weird combination of embarrassed and defiant. At the store I sat under on the bottom rack of the cart and let her mom push me around like a little kid because I no longer gave a crap what any of them thought, or anyone else. 3: I was watching a man's story play out like a movie as he told it to me and maybe others with me. He was a rich criminal who had gotten pulled over by a clever cop. He refused to talk and the cop made him get out of the car. He tried to fool him then by using sign language, but the cop knew what he was doing and used it back, causing him to reply with a sign that looked like he was reaching in his pocket for a gun. Cop then tackled him, but instead of arresting him, blackmailed him. The criminal went free in return for taking the cop to "an eight star restaurant". I saw the meal play out, and the cop and his mistress and friends were at a long table that lit up from within with symbols like it was a game board. A dachshund darted across the table, and nudged a sausage appetizer off the table and a guy below caught it in his mouth. I looked around and realized there were other animals in the room that had been trained to serve food the food, including a tiger. "I bet the food tastes like crap" I said.