T for Time Travel

Date: 1/10/2017

By matchamano

in a dystopian utopia, a mix of V for vVendetta and Stranger Things. i was a playing with a new immersive VR AOE like game. i played then i died. and i dunni why suddenly there was a bunch of kids in elementary modifying the machine to become a time and dimension machine jnstead. we use it and literally go into the past, solving crime and problem. we tattoo ourselves with the help of a bene factor should we become a legal entity. after case, we go home. and suddenly all the police knows there was an incident in the past and scrambke to find whose responsible. th search reach my apartment, and my room is being searched. dunno why i was kind of a doctor assistant an a therapist so theres many patient inside, including those guys who went to past. long story short, we were cleared and they leave us, only for a jerk (ricky gervais like) accuse us of sheltering the criminals. and then we spend the rest of the dream to look at our CCTV record we managed to fools​ the party, him