Straight out of a horror movie

Date: 4/28/2017

By lmc

I am laying down in my bathroom and my stomach is throbbing with pain. I look down at my stomach and see a huge gash where I know my large intestine is, and the wound is not too bloody so I can see inside my bowls. I am in severe pain. I reach inside my large intestine and begin hooking my fingers around parasitic worms. I am pulling them out and they are the consistency of wet spaghetti and breaking apart as I pull on them. When they hit the tile they are slowly squirming around each other. I get up holding my stomach, and stumble out looking for help only to see that there is a man in my house. He has all types of wild animals with him. They are arranged in a circle and are eating the animal in front of them while an animal behind is eating it. Reminded me of a snake eating its own tail (it's a symbol but I don't know the name). The room became dark and I fell down on the floor and felt someone standing behind me, like someone coming up so close to me that I felt their presence on my neck and shoulders. It felt like a bad tickle. I closed my eyes hard and knew I was dreaming and told myself to wake up.