Crush pt 2

Date: 3/25/2017

By sharkey161

It started off wen i was suppose to be in isla mujeres, but i decided to go home and i sat on this bench and a cute girl came by and asked me why i was so sad, i told he i didn't know what she was talking about. We talked for a while and she made me feel better, i wanted to make out with here but she just wanted to talk. Anyway, i left and i then rode the bus a little while and realized my friend was on it so i hung out with her her name is brianna (not really, changing names to protect identity) and the bus passed my house because i didn't have my $17 out and ready for him. So i continued to ride the bus until she got off and i would hang with her, but she got off at my ultimate human crush's house. Her name is Rachel (name changed) so Rachel and brianna like hang out and i just go on sc because i am really shy, and Ciera comes in and we take selfies with the sc filters. Brianna and Ciera disappear and its just me a Rachel, she told me she wanted to show me something (i really hoped it was her vagina or something) she got up and came back with this glittery make up all over her mouth to be done like a lion. I was like okay? She they told me she wanted to be a makeup artist, then we talk for a while about our life. We then decided we were going to go outside, we had to sign our names on this book, so we did then i just kind of stared at her trying to get the point across that i wanted to make out with her, but she didn't get it, and i woke up.