Chicken robbery 2

Date: 8/4/2017

By MrBooze

So during those 3 years of being in the hide hole I got horny some times so I fucked the chickens that were with me to death and when I was hungry I made a cozy little fire to eat the chickens I raped. At the end of my third year when it was coyote season I desided to celebrate with a turky (it was a dumb ass idea.)When I was in the middle of killing the turky I herd growling coming from my door I looked at my Somme what of a door and saw black paws. It stayed at my door for a good minute then found a crack in my door. The coyote I'm guessing put his huge nose in the crack and the door flew open it was a black tall thing with a little bite of grey in the middle of it's scary face then the coyote pounced on me and that's the end