Date: 6/24/2017

By lissietn

so i really don't remember this very well but imma try: i was in biology class and i found out i had to do a presentation where i made some fricken video but i don't think this relates to the rest of the dream apart from mr tait was the teacher and he featured again in the dream. anyway i was in class and the subject was trans people. olllie hunter kahn (but he was also sam chiv) put up his hand and said "what if we don't want trans people here?! i'm not comfortable with it??" and i was so shocked my jaw dropped and i through my pen at him. i threw it like a javelin tho so the tip poked his cheek. anyway some time went by and it turned out the whole thing was on this massive tower block. i think i was in the canteen and i was with leah. i think she said something against trans people too because i hurt her. she was fine but just wanted attention so she went over to the table with caitlin du plesis and told them. next thing i know caitlin is trying to fight me. i had a really smart plan tho: i went down to the floor of the tower block which just taught trans people. this was harder than it sounds tho because i had to steal elevators from people and only certain elevators went to certain floors. anyway i got there but for some reason going down floors also meant going back in time. so i was in the class room and ollie was in there too. it was trans class and they were teaching the kids how to cope with people not accepting you. ollie put up his hand and said 'i have asthma, can i still be trans? :(". unfortunately, the answer was no, and i think this is what caused him to resent trans people later on in life. but then i became the teacher and i raised one girl who was friends with caitlin. i then went back to present day and they realised how much i cared and forgave me. next thing i know i'm with jevan and megan walking along a main road. it's really dangerous tho because the cars can't see up and so they keep practically running us over. i thought it would be really funny to play a practical joke on them tho, so i told them there had been a real japanese horror story murder, and i shined my torch through some string and they both screamed. anyway, later on i'm talking to ollie about his resentment and he starts having an asthma attack. later on i go with someone to an opium clinic and they ask me if i want any and i saw no. also katya was trying to have sex with someone but she kept freaking out because every time she took her tampon out she laid it next to them tryna have sex and realised it was weird. also andrew had had an older brother but he died of an asthma attack :( he was his mums favourite.