Weed legalization festival

Date: 3/15/2017

By alexwolfycat

I was at a marijuana festival with my family. They were selling all sorts of desserts with weed in it. I said I wanted to try some and they were like no! You aren't old enough. Then they gave my friend Anthony some and I was like wtf he's the same age as me. And they said he could have it because he's a boy. I was so pissed. We sat at a table with my sister, dad, mom, brothers, Anthony and my sisters friend. I sat next to my sisters friend and she was around my age. My sister was talking to her the whole time and the girl had really strange sunglasses on. My sisters boyfriend came and he was talking to that girl and gave her and my sister underwater GoPros and I was like !!! In my head I was thinking that she's not even family and they care more about her than they do about me. Nobody would talk to me at all, it was like I was invisible. My mom eventually said hey Alessandra do you want to go home? And I said YES and we left.