Trapped Fire

Date: 9/5/2019

By ashpaulno

So it starts in a car. Not too sure what car we were in. It was me in the passenger seat, my husband (linder) in the driver seat and my daughter (Maya) in the back seat. We were on FaceTime with Maya's mom. Not too sure what the conversation is about I just remember it escalating quickly. Mayas mom starts telling us how she's locked inside of her car and if we could come and help her. Then we start arguing. In the midst of all the arguing something catches fire all of a sudden icrynside Maya's mom's car. I remember we start to freak out. Maya didn't really know what was going on she just starts to cry in the backseat. I felt the pain of sorrow and I could hear my husband say "she was so nice man" and then more crying and then I woke up.