Zombie Minorities Are Beneath Us (and Your Mother Sleeps in a Coffin)

Date: 4/26/2017

By Fitful

I was having a vision, helping someone to see what they needed to see. In the vision I was in a rural area, there was a lot of earth collapsing inwards, it was a specific type of dirt which did this and the local people knew what to expect. I wasn't aware and so I stood on a mound of earth which collapsed, I was sunk into the dirt, it closed over my head and I couldn't move. There was an air pocket but I was miles deep. I was so scared, it was supposed to be a vision. I managed to inch myself along sideways, to the left, and finally I popped out and found myself in a house I was crazy with fear and went running outside. I feel like I stepped into a dug grave, I tripped over it and the yard was fenced very high. Panicked I went back into the house and tried to breath. My father walked in, an old Japanese man in a robe, or maybe I was in his bedroom without knowing it and I woke him up. He asked me why I was awake in the middle of the night, I didn't feel like explaining my utter amnesia and confusion, so I fudged. I said I was feeling extremely claustrophobic and I needed air, I needed to go outside and take a walk. He thought for a moment then grinned and got his robe, got out of bed, and decided to go with me. He opened the door to the outside, the one I had gone through, but the yard which was now fully lit was being overrun by zombies, they were attacking, it was their nature they couldn't help it. But these were slow zombies, and not very serious about their craft, they grabbed at us without dexterity and my father was able to push them out and close the door, I helped and I realized I remembered them, the town had a zombie residents who did this, but were almost functional during the day. My father was very apologetic over the fact I couldn't leave right then. Feeling more myself I confessed to having a horrid dream, which is why I needed air. He understood, he said my mother was psychic, and they hadn't told me because they wanted to keep my life normal. He asked if I wondered why she slept in a coffin? I thought about it and I realized she did sleep in a coffin every night. He said it was to keep her safe, that in her sleep she flailed in her dreams, and acted them out. I was impressed by their genius. He said now I had them he could tell me about them. I felt more myself and remembered my life there with them - the vision I had been in and who I had been before I had the vision faded and felt like a dream. Morning came and I saw the town it was this little cowpoke town, simple, and it had cows wandering round the grocery store parking lot. A friend came over, it's possible she was a sister, and she built a sculpture out of quarters with my mother on the floor. I was helping them and getting impatient, the girl kept adding the quarters to the top before setting them up on the bottom. Even with glue they kept collapsing. I think they were trying to build a box out of quarters. The sides were being stacked in rose each quarter on its thin edge. I think they were making a box. I made a comment about the girls stupidity making me fear her procreating. The yard made much more sense in the daylight. It was fully of metal contraptions which made it look a bit junky but did the trick to keep the zombies out, the fence was very high and had barbed wire on top. I decided to go buy food in town at the store. My family didn't want me going out they spoke about the zombies, and I wasn't home long I think I was due back to school. I wasn't used to this shelters life anymore. A man who worked for my father said he'd go and get me food. My family was the richest in the town so they had this kind of snobbish air, a disdain for the zombie population in town, but it really wasnt very rich in comparison to the rest of the world. They were sweet about it though, genuinely sweet which was rare. The man was mexican and he liked me romantically and said he would go get me burritos or tacos and they would have a lot of meat and cheese. I said I'm vegan and they had to be vegan burritos. I said I'd be fine with just a smoothie. He was very surprised. I think the concept of vegan was lost on this small town. I told him it's very easy, any bodaga could do it. Just a few frozen bananas and some coconut or rice or almond milk. I said I add oatmeal to it and make it huge because I spend all day at school/work and I just down it all in one go. He said he does this at home, he makes fruit smoothies with water. The interaction felt very stilted.