An Old Best Friend

Date: 4/14/2019

By trash

My friend Lily (my ex best friend) came over while I was hanging out with my sister in law and brother. She decided to come over and spend the night with me. We were having the time of our lives, she was making sandwiches, talking with my family, etc. This all stopped once her ex boyfriend showed up to pick Lily up. I asked her why he came to pick her up. She responded with “I texted him because things got too crazy over here” as she was walking through the door I asked if she was coming back tonight. She said “yeah I’m coming back at 2AM” From that point forward I went back to hanging out with my sister in law and my brother. In my mind it kept hitting me that it was a Sunday evening so she probably won’t show back up. Several hours passed and it was 1AM. I started to freak out because I had to get to bed soon. Once it hit 2:30 I started to realize she wasn’t coming back and I should just go to bed. I started to throw away her unmade sandwiches and go to bed. My sister in law asked me why she wasn’t coming back and why she would lie to us. I responded with an Idk because I really didn’t know. The next morning I woke up and realized she never came back. From that point forward we haven’t talked to each other since she left.