Crazy lucid dream

Date: 8/3/2017

By jlccc

By far the craziest and clearest lucid dream I ever had started with me waking down the long hallway to get to my dorm room. It's actually way longer than in real life so it takes me a while to get to the door. I climb into bed and start dreaming. Basically my dream-in-a-dream is just me touring around this huge building with doors and hallways that I invent on the spot, it's basically like Wonderland with crazy characters and things going on - like I remember there was this couple arguing, a midget and a giant, and the midget got so upset that her head grew so big she swallowed up her husband. There were just so many crazy types of people/beings and I had so much control over the area, walking through walls and flying at times and making good food and attractive guys appear totally to my fancy. The whole dream happened in the span of like a 20-minute nap but it seemed to go on for so long and was just so cool. It was like I was touring around my psyche and all of the crazy things I could be capable of thinking up. I woke up actually feeling very proud of myself.