Date: 3/23/2019

By DaveO

I remember being at the beginning at what I assume was a water slide of a theme park. My younger brother was there and so was an older man (in his 40s or 50s) who I've never met before. I was getting ready to go down the slide. To go down, you needed to ride a sleeping bag. That's right - ride a sleeping bag down the slide! My brother backed out not wanting to go on the ride. I sat down on the sleeping bag, of which the old man was already in. We began to slide down the slide which was crudely cut into rock and entered through a cave. It was though this slide was naturally formed through millions of years of water flow, and we had just used it for our own recreation. The ride was bumpy and there were sharp turns throughout. I remember feeling pain as I hit the rock walls on a turn or hit a particularly large bump on the way down. Then we came to this rather sharp turn and we ended up hitting the wall and stopping all together. The man was thrown out of the sleeping bag which was caught on a rock a few metres downstream. I was okay, but the man looked injured. I kept thinking that we had to move before the next riders come down crashing into us. I went to check on the man. He had trouble standing up and I could tell that he had broken his leg. I went to go help him, by dragging him over to the sleeping bag to continue the ride, but he stubbornly shrugged me off insisting he could take care of himself. I watched him slowly get up and painfully (but silently) limp over to the sleeping bag. We both got back on and continued the ride. The remainder of the slide was uneventful and when we were spat out of the end of it, I was alone. There was a large pond to my left, and I saw a man (who I think was my younger brother) standing at the edge. He turned around and quickly ran away, seemingly around the pond to the other side. I lost sight of him. I thought I could beat him by building a raft and cutting straight across the pond (ridiculous thought I know). I looked into the water which was crystal clear. It was night time, and the light from the moon and surrounding lamp posts where lighting the pond. I could see all sorts of aqautic animals on the bottom; water lizards, turtles, fish, and a couple of rather large crocodiles. I then hesitated as to whether I actually wanted to be anywhere near the water. I turned around and saw at the exit of the slide a small unkown animal scurrying across the ground. Suddenly a large crocodile launched from the darkness of the slide cave and ate the creature in one bite. It then turned and swam off into the pond. Terror overtook me as I thought that it was me in that cave with that beast only moments ago. Another pair of riders then shot out of the slide exit looking happy and excited. One of them was my older brother who came over to me and started telling me how fun the slide was and wanted to compare stories - mine was much less enjoyable. After a few minutes of talking, we decided to go to the other side of the pond to meet up with our younger brother. When we got there, it seemed that we were in a zoo. I could see a lot of cages housing animals. Though I dont really remember the kinds of animals there except for one. As it was night time, I had a torch with me. I shown the light on a small cage that was nearby. It housed a snow leopard. I stared at it and it stared straight back at me; snarling, baring it's teeth. It was crouched over in a position as if it was ready to strike. I went over to the cage to taunt the animal (again, another ridiculous thought). I got just close enough to the cage so that it couldn't reach me through the bars if it tried. It didn't move. It just kept staring menacingly at me, seemingly calculating when the best time to strike would be. I turned around and walked off. I heard the leopard growl. My older brother then said "Man, you're lucky that thing is caged. If it got out, it would rip you apart!" I remember agreeing with him, and then I woke up