bird mask

Date: 6/13/2017

By Carolina

bits and pieces... I had some kind of device a man had given me in my room. At a certain point when he returned he revealed it had been a camera he had been watching. I felt embarrassed and he went to buy necklaces. I though he was going to buy a small stone necklace just for himself but he revealed a more beautiful necklace that was for me. he put it around my neck. at some point he, or another man, faced me wearing a wool bag over his head that was decorated to look like a bird - maybe a pigeon. he seemed serious but also laughed about it. i found myself sitting in an evening talk. at the end everyone was taking about how long they had been there and al their good memories. i looked at each face of people i didn't recognize. some of the girls from work were there and we started making plans. There was also a short man in a room speaking spanish and asking for money. he seemed to be drunk and a little upset.