My Dad murdered my friend

Date: 5/3/2019

By boogigi

so my parents were gone, and i wanted to have a couple friends over. I had 1 girl who was my age, a 27 year old guy (idk), and a 17 year old boy. we were hanging out eating pizza in my kitchen when I noticed my dad was pulling in the the driveway. I quickly grabbed the pizza box and the 27 year old guy and the girl my age came to my room with me to hide. I dont know where the other boy went. anyways, we got up to my room and the guy hid in my closet, while the girl hid under my bed. I sat on my bed eating pizza trying to act normal, and my dad came in and said he’d seen someone. he starting searching my room and found the girl and yelled at me and her. she tried to seduce him for some reason?? but obviously my dad got mad and he threw her off my bed and she cracked her skull. then my dad opened my closet and the man stumbled out. my dad was furious especially because he was so old. he tried to slowly exit my room but my dad punched him in the face so hard he died. I started sobbing.