The Girl in the Stadium (Bizarre Dream)

Date: 1/26/2017

By ForgottenIn2015

I was leaving an airport and walking across a large field. It was starting to rain heavily and the weather report said severe storms were incoming with extreme flooding likely. There was a large stretch of empty land and past it I could see a stadium of some kind. My family was waiting for me in the city for some reason but I couldn't get to them in time before the worse of the storm hit so I headed for the stadium. There I saw a few people waiting in the stands. They were made of concrete, the whole stadium was concrete. No game of any sort was going on so I assume they were just trying to get to higher ground before the flooding started. I walked up the bleachers to one of those areas where they sell food (where there is a large rectangular open window and a kitchen in back). This vendor happened to be a mcdonalds and there were three or four people working registers. As the storm intensified they gradually closed their stations. I heard a few of them and the kitchen staff arguing saying things like "We can't leave well get fired!" "Screw getting fired this storm is gonna be the biggest we've had in years!" Things like that. The only one remaining at their station was one girl about my age (maybe a 1-3 years younger than me) who looked very similar to someone I once knew. As the others left I approached her and she said "how can I help you?" with a nervous look on her face. I said "You know you should really get out of here" She told me how if she did her boss would fire her. I thought for a moment and explained to her (as the rain started to downpour now) that it was going to get worse. She said even if she tried to leave she didn't have a car and wouod get caught in the flood. I said I would take her where she needed to go but since I was on a trip I didn't have my car. She said she'd be fine but the tone of her voice clearly didn't mean what she said. There was a radio playing a news report on the table next to her and it said hurricane force winds were coming within the next (I don't remember the time but it was very close). The girl looked at me and she said something about not knowing what to do. I told her at this point her best bet would be to stay in the stadium since it was solid concrete and high up and to also close and stay away from the shutters untill the storm was over. She said okay and began to close the shutters as she did that she said "what about you?" I told her I would be fine and she needs to just stay put. Then I heard the radio again...a panicked voice saying anyone on the coast had a Tsunami coming their way that would be 60ft high. While we weren't right on the coast we weren't far from it either, I don't know the exact distance. I looked behind me and saw the Tsunami looming over the field I had ran through earlier. It was huge and seemed to not be losing power. It was at least 3/4 the height of the stadium. I said "Nevermind I'm coming with you" and jumped over the counter into the kitchen and we ran to the opposite end of the room with the shutter still only half down. She looked terrified and not gonna lie so was I. I told her to just stay put and this was our best chance to stay alive but then the water hit. Thnakfully it hit about 15 or so feet below us so only the front of the kitchen got hit with splashback. It was intense though. A thick layer of spashback blocking out what little light there was making the room almost completely dark. The roaring of rushing water hutprt my ears and the girl beside me covered her ears and went from sitting on the ground to laying on the floor. Through the sound of the water I yelled as loud as I could "Hey are you OK?" Nothing. I grabbed her to check for injuries. At first I feared the worse...maybe a piece of glass went through her eye and killed her? No she was fine, I checked her pulse and realized she was still breathing. She must have passed out from the fear. I slowly lowered her back to the floor and l left her on her side. When the initial wave was over I looked out the little window and saw a bunch of things falling...I hurried back to the other wall when I saw the falling objects were mostly fish! I don't know why but I started laughing hysterically and then I sat against the wall where the girl lay and checked her pulse again...I wanted to be sure she was alright. Later at some point I woke up to realize I must have passed out as well. I freaked out and frantically stumbled around to see if the girl was still there. She was and still passed out too. I tried to shake her awake and no luck. Out cold. I heard people walking on wet floor and saw a light. Somebody was looking for people in need of help. I gathered myself and yelled "Hey in here! I got a girl, she's alive just passed out!" A group of firefighters came into the kitchen and asked me if I was okay. I said yes and they opened up a folding stratcher and put the girl on it. I asked where they were taking her and they responded "The Aquarium a few blocks down, non-critical people from this area are being helped find there families there, we just have to check her out first" I said thanks and I went to find the aquarium, I wpuld fimd this girl later to see if she would be okay. As I was walking there the thought donned on me "I don't even know this girls name...what if she's not there". I got in the aquarium and there were people all over including my parents but no girl...I was starting to get worried and was going to search the whole place for her...surely if I had to walk a few blocks and they took her in an ambulance she must be here by now? Then my dad wanted to talk to and my parents really don't get along due to alot of reasons so I wasn't too happy to talk to my dad on a normal day nevermind now. I don't remember what he said all I remember is we walked and I saw the girl. My heart jumped and I casually slowed pace so I was a bit behind my dad and when I saw her looking at me wondering in the low light if I was the guy who helped her earlier I slowly and quietly put my finger to my lip in a "shhhh" motion and looked away from her (in real life I'm 19 but talking to girls or forming relationships in any capacity is more or less strongly discouraged, it's a long story but that is why I had to keep quiet). I figured I would go back and talk to her when my dad moved on to something else. Now he walked me out tk the parking lot where he continued to talk (I think he was complaining about something that was somehow my fault but wasnt really) and he finally let me off with a typical "Your a worthless piece of sh#t" (without actually saying that but the way he said what he said basically translates to that). I went back into the aquarium and my mother told me to come talk to her and I told her I had to use the bathroom immediately and I went on to look for the girl. I found her staring at a big fish through a glass bubble in the wall in a fake little cave made for aesthetics. I said to her "Sorry for ignoring you before, I can explain..." She looked at me and then looked away slowly clearly feeling rejected by my ignoring of her. I said sorry again and she wouldn't talk to me. I shook her shoulder and said "I just wanted to know if you were OK, please tell me." She nodded and then said "Thanks" quietly then just stared back at the fish. I begged her to respond more saying I was sorry and if she would listen I would explain why I ignored her and she just stayed quiet. I felt my hear sink low like it had many times before...that old familiar feeling of hopelessness. Then I woke up thinking alot. Wtf was that dream? Who was she? Why did I care so much about her? Why did she look so much like so and so? This has really bothered me and I have a few ideas as tk what it means. If you read this long ass dream thanks and leave your interpretations if you can (I just got this app today so I don't know if there are comments, I got it just to share this crazy dream)