I get a 22 year old hispanic boyfriend with luscious lips and an STD

Date: 5/8/2019

By baburubān

Last night I had a dream where I was in this super fancy movie theater, full of red velvet and shit. This theater offered “luxury seats” where instead of sitting where everyone else sat you sat ether by yourself or one other person kinda high in the theater. I wanted one for myself because... I just did? Felt like being independent or something I don’t know. On the loud speaker it said something like “Seat 45 is now vacant” and I rushed to the front desk before everyone else (I was short in this dream apparently bc the desk came up to my collarbone) and the worker was this handsome hispanic guy with long curly/wavy hair in a ponytail. He had thick brows and lips. And I mean, his lips were LUCIOUS. Anyways, I do a little time skip and I run into him somewhere and he asks me out. I knew all along he was 22 and I’m like 17 so highkey pretty sketch but that’s not where that ends. Apparently he had an STD (thankfully he told me and took extra safety precautions) and then also it was really awkward for him when we hung out with my friends because we’re all high schoolers and he’s an adult? So yeah that was my dream