Murder [7/11/19]

Date: 7/11/2019

By BlueMoon

Not sure if this dream requires the adult tag. I didn’t think it did but let me know if you disagree. Also, I literally could not think of a better name for this dream, so sorry for the unoriginality. Today I woke up right after the dream ended so my recall is pretty good. My last two dreams have been really easy to remember - yay! The dream began with me and my family at the beach. It was a weird looking beach, not at all like a normal one, but it was fun. There was some extended family there as well, but unlike my immediate family they weren’t actually recognizable. I remember we got back to my house and began to have breakfast. It didn’t actually look like my house, but I knew it was. My mom had already left for work. Somebody was making pancakes. All of a sudden, a random man flings open our door and steps inside. He was grizzled, large man wearing a grey trench coat, although it was definitely worn and ruined. His face is one I know from real life, but I can’t put my finger on it. Slowly, he pulls out a sickle and grins wickedly at me. I screamed and jumped up and ran out the door, but from the sounds behind me some people must not have been so lucky. I sprinted away from my house, towards an elementary school that is nearby. The murderer was chasing me as soon as he got out of my house. My dream self’s movements were frustrating because I couldn’t really run... either way, I managed and got to the school. Luckily for me, there was a family of people just sitting in their car reading on Kindles. I quickly hopped in - they didn’t even look all that surprised - and told them in a panic what was going on. Then I grabbed the other girl in the backs Kindle and desperately asked how to call 911. English wasn’t her first language so she was confused and at first I couldn’t figure out how to call. I managed to call 911 (don’t think you can do that on actual Kindles but-) and at first the dispatcher thought it was a prank call. Then I told him what was happening and I remember mentioning how scared I was. I think at the end of our call he asked if there’s anything I want when they find us. I said lasagna. Now, in reality, my house is really close to a police station and the school is even closer. It would have taken just a minute for them to reach us. But... it took longer. Also, we could have just drove there?! This part of the dream is fuzzy but I do believe that the murderer killed another household and we found out that he also had a gun. And somewhere along the way in that part that I don’t remember... I lost the car! So now I was running down a nearby steet, knowing the murderer wasn’t too far behind. This one was easy to run on because it slopes down. I found the house of someone I know (not exactly a friend, but an acquaintance. She’s a year older than me.) and ran to where she was in her basement. I’ve never actually been in this persons house before so I know this isn’t actually what it looks like. She was playing Minecraft in her basement (gamers rise) and I pulled off her headphones and told her there was a murderer that would be coming to her house. We ran to find her mom but couldn’t. Then, for some reason we found an area that was screened in facing outside and then surrounded by the house with the others. We were laying there, scared sh*tless as we can hear the murderer has arrived. We hear him walking around the house, with loud footsteps, looking for me. For some reason, since the beginning he had been targeting me. At one point he was walking by and his eye catches mine but he keeps walking as if he doesn’t notice us. I turn to (Person) and say, “Sh*t, I think he saw me!” We stayed hiding there until suddenly the man finds where we got in and crawls into our hiding spot. He didn’t immediately try to kill us, though. He sat there and starting talking. I don’t know what he was talking about, but he was just kind of rambling. He had set down another knife he had, but I knew he still had the sickle and gun. Despite knowing what might happen to me, I reached for the knife and lunged at him, stabbing his chest where I aimed for his heart. He rolled over and I managed to stab him three more times in his back. He died quickly. His trench coat was gone and we could see the blood pooling and staining his white shirt. We made it outside and stumbled onto the ground. I was horrified at myself despite what the man had done, and curled up into the fetal position as I was crying. I didn’t know that’s how it felt to kill someone. I would forever have to hold that burden on me. (Good thing it was a dream). The police officers arrive, one of them carrying a really tall lasagna. And I mean really tall. It wasn’t even normal lasagna size. I was so happy to see them that I sprang up and hugged the first guy I saw. I was bloodied and crying but so relieved. We explained to them what had happened and the police officer holding the lasagna suddenly dropped it. But it landed right on its base where there was a protector of some kind, so it was fine. I started laughing, hysterical after seeing people die and then killing someone. I took the lasagna and almost dropped it myself. It was heavy! We got home and my mom was there. I starting crying again and ran to hug her. And then I woke up.