Dead Puppies and Root Beer floats.

Date: 8/22/2017

By ladyartface

I had a ton of different dogs. Like 2 older dogs and 10 puppies. I was so overwhelmed with feeding them, making sure they don't pee and losing track of them. Some started dying and getting sick. I was so upset. I also had a dream that I was smoking with a coworker who I dislike. My step brother (who makes me uncomfortable) and my younger sister(who is pushed our family away.) Both my step brother and my little sister do a lot of drugs. They kept shoving drugs in my face. I refused. They just sat and watched tv. My bf and I just wanted to have a good time, maybe get some drinks so we ran off. Then I met this giant rock monster for a brief time. We have a conversation about wabting drinks. He told me to follow him to this weird cave like place with a bar in it. I ordered a drink called "creamy castle" and it had whiskey, root beer and ice cream. I hated it but my bf loved it so we ordered more. lol