The Fire Department

Date: 7/12/2017

By Sofaloafa

I was in my grandparents house with my grandparents and lots of other people I knew. We were sitting around having a nice time. Suddenly, an evil man came. He tried to destroy us. We got rid of him though, and went back to having fun. Afterwards though, a flood came through and destroyed a lot of things in the house. We tried to save some things and put them in plastic bins on a ship. We were all getting on the ship and starting to sail away when the evil man came back and started shooting at the ship. First we dumped some plastic bins of stuff off in order to go faster, but the man was catching up, so we all abandoned ship and jumped into a pool trying to get away. We were all swimming really hard and as we swam we said "Ha! You can do nothing with this house but hope it sells!" The man replied "I will sell it, and I will also sell the things inside to get more money!" And so we swam harder and harder but the man kept shooting us and killed most of us. I and one other person were the only people who escaped, and the other person was wearing a very cumbersome hotdog suit. I ran and ran until I lost the evil man and the person in the hotdog suit. I walk up to a house which is very expensive looking. It has multiple floors and lots of beautiful decor. I go inside and there are lots of other families meeting up, and they have lots of dogs and cats. One of the dogs looks like mine but is smaller and with different colored ears. I let my dog go and meet that other dog while I look at all the cats. One of them I want to try and pick up to pet but my grandfather comes up behind me and snatches it up to pet it. So I move on to the rooftop area where lots of people are hanging around and having fun with food and laughter. My sister has our dog on her lap. I smile and go outside to the garden, where I walk around the house. I explore lots of doors and hallways, some of which are blocked off. One of the doors is slightly ajar and in the space around it are pictures of Barack Obama and other various presidents. I ignore the door and keep looking, but I see smoke coming from the house. I decide to find a fire department, and my vision changes to see a map. I look around for a fire department and see one. I try to click on it but it won't let me because it says that it is a Nevada one and a Washington one and I can't have both. So I move on and find another department. It won't let me click this one either because it is a Canadian one and an American one and I can't have both. I keep trying to click it but eventually give up. I then realise I've lost the house. I tell myself to go to it and I zoom towards the house. Then I see that there is an even closer fire department and I try clicking on that one. But it is a British one and an American one, and it won't let me click it. On this one I try the longest to get, because I know I need one. It still doesn't work and I give up, my vision going back to that of the house in real life. I run around to find the fire department to get it manually, all the while the fire in the house has grown significantly and is growing still more. I find the fire department and grab one of the trucks, attempting to spray the house with water. But I forgot I had to hook it up to a fire hydrant. So I found one and opened it up, and the hose had a clip that attached to the hydrant. It took my a couple tries but I eventually did it. When I tried to shoot water, however, the pressure was very low. I figured I didn't have enough time though, so I moved around the house trying to see the fire. When I got to the place where I first saw it, I tried shooting icy water at it but it was already black and the fire was out. Most of that side of the house had been destroyed. People were around me looking very disappointed. I jumped up to the third floor and landed in front of a man who was very disappointed too. He said "You let this house burn. We needed you." I got very sad and tried to explain that I was finding a fire department, but they were all disappointed and shunned me.