monsters inc

Date: 3/25/2017

By darlinglolita

Had a dream I was in an dark small apartment with someone I think it was a male and someone in my family and I was hiding in a corner with my knees curled up to my chest and behind a sheer black curtain and I was sucking in the curtain with my breath almost as if I was gagging myself to keep quiet and there were these scary monsters and men coming up to the door and knocking and the person inside the house for some reason kept inviting them in even though I was scared and hiding (even tho in a dumb spot) and they were coming in to find me for some reason one kind of like a Michael Meyers serial killer and one weird silent hill looking creature with amputated limbs replaced with sharp metal objects that would crawl around on all fours. But mostly seemingly scary and threatening men. And they would come inside and they would stand at the door first. Then they would obviously see me hiding behind a see through curtain and they would come up to me and just look at me and stare me down but they didn't hurt or touch me but I was still scared. I think there was 10 monsters I had to go through in total