Forgot I Had a Boyfriend

Date: 9/8/2016

By notTherese

I have a boyfriend, Sean. He's a little older than me but a nice guy. He also seems a bit feminine though. Anyway our faculty advisors came over to help me paint my doorknobs until they reminded me it was Valentine's day. I freaked out because I totally forgot. I asked if we could paint the doorknob another day and one said that's fine but the other talked about how much work needed to be done on the house. Ryan came to visit me. He's my boyfriend. But wait, Sean's my boyfriend. But Ryan is my real boyfriend. He wishes me a Happy Valentines Day and gives me his gift and a kiss. We start hanging out as usual playing video games in the office. Then Sean walks through the door because I gave him a spare key. I introduce them and Sean thinks we're just friends until Ryan starts flirting with me and I flirt back and we start kissing and getting frisky. I look over and see Sean glancing at us while he's doing some paperwork and I freak out and tell Ryan that Sean's in the room. He's like "Oh yeah," so we go out to the living room. I go back to talk to Sean and explain that I didn't think we were dating exclusively and he says he understands and I make a joke and he laughs, so we skip out into the hallway holding hands and look out the window. It started to thunderstorm. Ryan says "Man, some Valentines Day." And Sean talks about everything he had planned for the day and I joke "Yeah, I only have two of my boyfriends here !" And Sean laughs but Ryan just looks at me funny and says "No you don't." Oh yeah, he probably wants to break up with me now.