Football match

Date: 5/3/2017

By mynameisaryanj

There was a football tournament taking place in the basement of my gym but all the people were from the school. The dream was somewhat more focused on a particular girl. Our opponents were the dutch language department of the school but this department doesn't even exist lol, maybe this comes from a friend of mine who's gonna attend uni in holland. The first two matches took place out in the open and I remember scoring goals in each of them by taking the whole team on. This is very weird but I heard everyone telling me to give a fucking blowjob to the opposition, I think this came from language I used when Ronaldo scored a hattrick in the game I was watching before going to sleep. Then the final took place in the basement and the score was humongous, in our favour, 61-6, haha. I think I got injured at half time and had to be brought out of the game and fell asleep watching while as that girl kept scoring goals every now and then. After the final whistle I remember all the people just piling onto me to celebrate. The madness was over pretty quickly and everyone was on their way home to study. But that girl was still running on a treadmill while I was changing my shirt. I went over to her and offered a handshake but idk why she hugged me and then her mother came and she had to leave. Then this switched into and entirely different kind of dream. I was walking on a big wide road somewhere near my home and there. There was a guy from the dutch department standing on the other side, I told him that he's a fucking loser, and suddenly he ordered his german shepherd to attack me. The funny thing is the sentence he said, was in german, and I could see german subtitles in the foreground, even though I don't speak german. Then to avoid the dog I started running but I wasn't actually running, I kept hopping on a single leg and eventually lost the trail by going deep into a market near my home. Then I suddenly woke up and was feeling all nervous, my heartbeat was going wild and I had to tell myself to calm the fuck down. A funny thing is that I can't recall the face of that girl while I'm awake but could see her face very clearly in the dream and its still hovering in my head as I write this.