In a world of my own

Date: 8/26/2019

By xiomi0411

Last night I had one of those dreams that you just didn’t want to wake up from. It was like playing a star role in a movie. There were things flying. Flying with a blue starry orb around them. Kind of like a wisp following after their movement. They looked like dragons, but smaller and friendly. Deers with antlers the size of full grown branches and markings on the fur as if they were ancient. Wild cats with long tails and thick claws. Bears that were as big as boulders. Everything just seemed out of time. Like a different era or world. A world that wasn’t touched by man. The people there. They were not people. Only more elf like. They had the markings too. White marks that would glow to show the power they had. He walked up to me. The markings he has were beautiful. Very complimentary to his look with gold hair and glistening hazel eyes. Said only the true can see what they can be. He turns me to a long mirror. I did look like myself only more elf like. I had markings too. Mine took the shape of fire. But when fire is dancing. I had a gown that showed my legs and waist. And a small crown that had a diamond so beautiful, you might cry. I ran outside. It was dark. I could see the stars and flying dragons dancing together. I could see elves outside dancing and singing. The night wind gently blowing through the grass. It was a sight I will never forget. I know I had a purpose there. I was important there. It was my world. If only it were real.