(?-??-??) Getting shot at with cops

Date: 2/22/2017

By libertydiehl

I was at school in I think 6th grade. The road that was there went in a U and then part where it's turns (i guess) was where the school was. It was a really small road. I got sick and called my parents and asked if they could pick me up they said yes and we're on there way. So I decided to get out a expo marker and draw on the sidewalk as I walked down it. ( it was a really small road/sidewalk) I noticed this black van with two guys in it were going really slow and following me. I kept changing how I was walking and moving and they kept following me. They went past me and as they did they opened their door and then stopped. I hurried up and ran to this other van is as with these two ladies with a little girl. I asked if I could stay there with them until my parents were there. They said "yes" so I sat inside they van. They said they were cops and right as they were about to get out of the van to go talk to the guys they started shooting at us. Me and the little girl ducked down. The cops tried shooting back but the guys shot them first and they died. The van slowly rolled by us and then left. The little girls dad came and got her and left. I called my parents and they didn't even really care and said they were still on the road. About an hour later they finally came and got me.