This is a test

Date: 4/23/2017

By Purple

I was at an interview with two men. One of them I didn't have an opinion on, the other seemed like an asshole. They gave me a test by giving me a scenario, where I had to use my brain to figure out how to work something in the physical sense while following their verbal instructions. There was a small pile of folded clothes in front of me that I had to do something with. I wasn't quite understanding their instructions. I repeated the odd words they used (can't recall now that I'm fully awake), but they said that was the test, and to do the best I can based on how I interpret their directions. I didn't think that was fair. Then a woman showed up and had a smirk on her face. She somehow had something to do with creating the test, so she knew the answer. She said that she was also learning at her job, by having to come up with these tests for applicants. I started to try to figure it out, in my head, while only touching the pile of clothes without taking any action yet. Then some friends appeared. While I was happy to see them, I grew more frustrated because their presence was a distraction.